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Niche and Grow Your Business

Posted on July 16th, 2018 By Anthony Carra

Why did you (or are you) starting your own business? If you are like the two thirds of Americans that dream of self-employment, chances are you desire more control over your life and greater financial potential. However, surveys consistently find that the barriers holding most people back are financial as well. Financial security, capital requirements, and fears of failure all rank high on would be entrepreneurs’ lists of concerns. (more…)

The Entrepreneur’s Playbook

Posted on July 9th, 2018 By Anthony Carra

All successful teams have a playbook that they use to navigate through the game.  Which play to call next is determined by referring to a well-defined (and refined) set of plays that a team has practiced again and again in response to each anticipated situation that may come up during a game.  While the specific tactics will vary from playbook to playbook, there is generally a common underlying pattern that will remain constant. This is also true for the Entrepreneur’s Playbook. (more…)

Using or Abusing Your Network?

Posted on July 2nd, 2018 By Anthony Carra

“Hey random Facebook friend I haven’t talked to since high school! How are things going with you? Anyway, I’m selling Mary Kay now and wanted to know if you would be interested. It would really help me a lot if you took a look and maybe bought something from my page here.”

When someone tells entrepreneurs to “use their network” this is typically what we image with thinly veiled horror. The insincerity of it is most striking, and it shows through in the language these messages often employ. I hesitate to call it a sales message as the likelihood of it producing and sort of sale – except perhaps the recipient paying to be left alone – are close to nil. (more…)

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